I have been a blissfully lazy person – I love to stay laid back, worship procrastination and fell asleep even at the sight of an ad hoarding of any mattress brand. My roommates from my bachelor days still swear by my laziness and quite understandably, my wife would have killed me every morning had I been blessed with the power of repeatedly coming back to life. In the past and whenever I go home now, I am used to my father’s bashing of this habit of mine (fast transforming into instinct).

But today morning, I got the taste of my own medicine and trust me; I am suffering from it dearly. Just to cut the effort of riding to and fro for just over 40 kms and dodge a little bit of traffic (avoidable if the journey is planned well), I have found myself into something that I have to and hate go through for at least 5 days a week.

I understand, everyone has his/ her personal lives and problems, but it is even more understandable when you keep it to yourself.

Said so, I am not deviating from the main topic of my lazy nature. So, as the heading goes, it is actually an apology post to my father, my wife and m

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