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When Winston Churchill had a good laugh at us


If Independence is granted to India, power will go to the hands of rascals, rogues, freebooters; all Indian leaders will be of low calibre and men of straw. They will have sweet tongues and silly hearts. They will fight amongst themselves for power and India will be lost in political squabbles. A day would come when even air and water would be taxed in India.” – Winston Churchill.

First of all, this is not going to be a political post.

And second, I am not a Churchill fan boy.

Now let’s give a twist to Mr. Churchill’s infamous prediction about India. How about replacing leaders with people and political with social in the underlined sentences of the quote?

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For whom the बैल tolls?

Yeah that’s right, when you read the title of this post assuming बैल as ‘bell’, this is the title of a famous novel by Ernest Hemingway and a hum-worthy song by Metallica. But this post here has nothing to do with the Nobel laureate’s work or the metal musicians’ creation. And if you see closely, I am trying to be funny with some wordplay but before you get bored of my reference drawing nature, I think it will be safe on my part to state that it is about the Jallikattu incident that has been making headlines for the past few days.

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0 comments on Why is Harivansh Rai Bachchan’s soul lamenting?

Why is Harivansh Rai Bachchan’s soul lamenting?

Harivansh Rai Bachchan

Hindi is not my mother-tongue and as a subject I studied Hindi till 8th grade though I believe and as my wife (a Hindi speaker) says, I speak good Hindi for someone who has learnt it from secondary sources. Be what it may, the point is, despite my almost no knowledge of Hindi literature, I have been fortunate enough to read some of the works by greats like Premchand and Harivansh Rai ‘Bachchan’. Majority of Premchand I have read was in form of Assamese translation; but for ‘Madhushala’, though I knew it would take me some time, I read it in Hindi because poetry is very prone to be lost in translation.

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Do you celebrate Independence Day daily? Some do!

On the eve of the auspicious occasion of our great country’s hard-earned freedom, let’s celebrate liberty (not to be mistaken for the shoe-makers with the same name).

… Some go to the India Gate to be a direct witness to our great democracy’s Independence Day; some stick to the good-old DD with baritone holding anchors describing the same things every year; some make the most of it with a day-off at a nearby holiday resort and some wake up at noon to ponder over as to what to do with the hangover from last night. In a pompous display of honesty, I confess of following the second and the last practice so far in my life. As a kid, I used to sit with the whole family over the elaborate holiday breakfast in front of TV. And when my father thought that I am old and sensible enough to live on my own, I took that freedom literally and had been spending 15th August with my definition of liberty (pondering over hangovers) till I got married.

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Reasons why not to go for a career in writing


Let me be clear first- this post is about my realization and experience (being in the aforementioned profession). I might sound frustrated, irritated, deeply disturbed, cursing my decision and everything that describes negativity, during the post. But don’t be fooled; I am content (yeah, I have hit a pun!) from within!

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0 comments on Of death and life cycle

Of death and life cycle


Death – it has always been one of my favourite natural phenomena to ponder over and wonder at. I am not sure from when exactly I started developing a curiosity towards this eternal fact. May be, it was during my graduation days when I found the mention of death in the best possible artistic ways (being a literature student); or may be after going through the part of The Bhagvad Gita where death is explained with a consolatory undertone; or may be because I saw death in my family thrice in a span of five years.

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0 comments on Rare species – the arrogant artists

Rare species – the arrogant artists


I always had the view that creativity is inborn and artists are born, not made. I still wonder why and how creativity can be taught to the students in some obscure courses like ‘Creative Writing’. And hats off to the people who teach how-to-be-creative! Nevertheless, we have to admit, they are creative enough to conceive something like that!

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Scribbling of a Dylanhead


Had music and poetry been a couple, their kid’s name would have been Bob Dylan. Many might have different takes on it; but being a Dylanhead, I would love to think and feel in this line.

Scores have been written about Dylan, his poetry and his music; so I am not going to repeat the same. But as it is his 71st birthday today, I believe he commands more than a Facebook post from one of his millions of admirers.

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0 comments on An apology – to whom (many indeed) it may concern!

An apology – to whom (many indeed) it may concern!


I have been a blissfully lazy person – I love to stay laid back, worship procrastination and fell asleep even at the sight of an ad hoarding of any mattress brand. My roommates from my bachelor days still swear by my laziness and quite understandably, my wife would have killed me every morning had I been blessed with the power of repeatedly coming back to life. In the past and whenever I go home now, I am used to my father’s bashing of this habit of mine (fast transforming into instinct).

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