Death – it has always been one of my favourite natural phenomena to ponder over and wonder at. I am not sure from when exactly I started developing a curiosity towards this eternal fact. May be, it was during my graduation days when I found the mention of death in the best possible artistic ways (being a literature student); or may be after going through the part of The Bhagvad Gita where death is explained with a consolatory undertone; or may be because I saw death in my family thrice in a span of five years.

In 1999, it was my grandfather, in 2003, my grandmother and in 2004, my mother, needless to say, this had the deciding impact on my life afterwards. I was never the guy that I used to be for the past 20 years. Nine years down the line, I have been still lamenting the loss. Will always be. But yes, I have learnt to live beyond and with it at the same time.

…It is music to ears to hear what our scriptures say – immortality of the soul, rebirths and life-cycles. I believe in all these. But for the obvious reason (I am a normal human being), soul’s immortality and rebirths are just elements of self consolation and satisfaction of making me understand the supremacy of the human soul over its terminator – death itself. I have omitted life-cycle from these as it has bearing with what is coming up.

…My mother-in-law passed away a few days back. And I am sure, had my mother been alive and if I had a sister, my ma would also have become a mom-in-law like mine one. Hers was a sudden demise, similar to her counterpart’s. And here, I relate to my wife for both of us were not by our respective mothers’ sides when they decided to hit us with the most lethal weapon.

Two lifeless mortal remains of two women – separated by some 1800 kms and by 9 years, the common aspect – me. Back in 2004, it was a 20-year-old young boy; in 2013, it was a 29-year-old married man. And trust me, that was the only difference. And I kept asking some unknown force – Where is the life-cycle? Where is life after death? Why am I being the chosen spectator for this eternal truth? I don’t need this amount of truth. And yes, it hurts!

And after three days, I saw the answer.

…One of my sister-in-laws was expecting her first child when fate played its cruel card. She gave birth to a girl child just after three days of losing her mother. And she was totally unaware of her loss all the time. Due to her fragile condition and the doctor’s suggestion, she had been kept in the dark about all what was happening just 160 kms away in her hometown.

It was my first time to share space with a newborn as new as just 3 hours! And the past three days signified what life is being described by the wise and experienced – the common home to sorrow and joy.

But my 3 minutes stint with that pretty sleeping child is all that made the difference. Here again, two women- both peacefully indifferent to the world and its chaos; but, one bidding adieu to it and the other promising life and hope.

And in straight 3 minutes, I have been blessed with a realization, a sense of satisfaction and most importantly, an answer.

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