Yeah that’s right, when you read the title of this post assuming बैल as ‘bell’, this is the title of a famous novel by Ernest Hemingway and a hum-worthy song by Metallica. But this post here has nothing to do with the Nobel laureate’s work or the metal musicians’ creation. And if you see closely, I am trying to be funny with some wordplay but before you get bored of my reference drawing nature, I think it will be safe on my part to state that it is about the Jallikattu incident that has been making headlines for the past few days.

Here, I think it is imperative for me to clarify the fact that I don’t endorse any political ideology. I am a regular office goer whose priorities are way different from anyone with political ambitions and aspirations. So this is not a political post; it’s rather very apolitical. (OMG, what has got into me; I am hitting puns like anything tonight)

Coming back to the events that led to this post, I can only sit back and wonder at the plight of the people who had to take a call on an age old tradition and the push and pull around its ban. Jallikattu, like many other Indian rituals, is in existence since hundreds of years. With no disrespect to any community and their traditions, when you see how the sport is conducted, it actually compels you to feel for the bulls. A similar sport is very popular in Spain as well and a recent Indian film romanticised it with three of the lead characters understanding the meaning and essence of life when savagely chased by provoked bulls. See, if I am feeling for the Spanish bulls, I have every right to feel for the desi ones as well!

The tussle over the implementation of a ban on Jallikattu has kept the media busy for a few days. Everyone saw people standing up to the authorities to lift the ban. Many on the other hand, raised questions on why only Jallikattu is banned when many other brutal rituals like this still exist in the world or to be precise, in India. Yes, they also have a point. But is there anyone who is thinking about the bulls? Why would anyone? It’s not the stock market where the position and condition of the bull is of utmost importance. Had those Jallikattu bulls been in stock market, they would also have been taken care of. All the world would have kept them away from the bears of the outer world.

But then again comes the classic situation of being at the right place at the right time.

If you are at the right place when the hour is right, you decide how the share market will behave and if you happen to be in Jallikattu or Spain, you are just a bull who is played around for fun.

The ban on Jallikattu has been lifted today evening. Reactions will surface soon. I on the other hand, am pondering over one thing – for whom the बैल tolls?

The बैल tolls because it is what it is. There is no right, no wrong; just the cosmic rule of no rules. What moves whom and when, is not the concern. The issue remains, where will you be when things will start moving?


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