I always had the view that creativity is inborn and artists are born, not made. I still wonder why and how creativity can be taught to the students in some obscure courses like ‘Creative Writing’. And hats off to the people who teach how-to-be-creative! Nevertheless, we have to admit, they are creative enough to conceive something like that!

However, we need to thank these people and a few softwares for creating a lot who believe that they are also no less than a Picasso or a Leonardo Da Vinci. And thanks to some motivational speech at the end of their term or on the day of their convocation, these armies of creative geniuses take on the world by its horns.

But along with all the creative ‘skills’ and ‘shortcuts’, these kids need to be given a little lesson on the difference between confidence and idiotic arrogance. If you are working in an organization and have to deal with this lot, you will know what I am hinting at. And in case you don’t have much idea about the software they are working on, get ready to feel like a rookie matador; and see the bulls charging at you!

…If you can click a good photo, it’s your creativity; but when you shop photos, you are just using some tools to their effect. And you go Flash-ing your credentials!

Dear Terminators (respecting their technological superiority over us), if you think you are artists; please look for the meaning of a word called – Humbleness. This is a common element among almost all the great artists of the world. But why should you earn it, you are anyway greater than the greatest, aren’t you?

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