Let me be clear first- this post is about my realization and experience (being in the aforementioned profession). I might sound frustrated, irritated, deeply disturbed, cursing my decision and everything that describes negativity, during the post. But don’t be fooled; I am content (yeah, I have hit a pun!) from within!

N.B. All the opinions will be based on personal experience. So if I miss something, please ignore. Drop me a mail, will share them with your name attached to it in another post.

I am just trying to be funny here. So please, don’t take offence of anything.

So, let’s start:

1. The content writing/ editing profession is a very tricky one. There is no proper academic qualification for that. The reason is simple. It does not need one! This is a boon and a bane at the same time. Boon – You can enter it at any given point of your life. Said so, you got to have immense courage to do it (Will describe the courage part in the following point). Bane – Every second person on earth thinks that he/ she can write. Likhna kaunsi badi baat hai? – This is the attitude that prevails everywhere. (I come across these geniuses quite often. I just ask them to describe themselves in ten correct sentences. Till date, no one could go pass three sentences that too with at least 3 kgs of errors!).

2. Coming to the courage part; be sure that, the moolah is not as much as you might expect. If you are already into the writing business, make sure that you don’t get frustrated when you see your friends in other professions earning much more than you. So, now that you know the amount of valour required and still thinking to be in this apparently attractive profession, I consider you suicidal. And if you really join a content writing job, I will vote for you in the National Bravery Award race. Bravo my friend!

3. Then comes the social angle. Some professions are self explanatory- doctors, engineers, professors, lawyers, animators, accountant, HR Executive and so on. But how on earth can you define something as vague as writing. Your neighbour in the residential society you live in asks about your ‘job’. And you spend almost 500 words to describe a simple sentence – ‘I work as a content writer/ editor’. Engineering also has many variables- mechanical, electronics, automobile… But no one asks an engineer about all these. But just because you are a writing guy, the world assumes that you have all the time under the sun to describe something that bears no significance to anyone!

4. Peoples’ expectations from you grow higher. It might sound contradicting after the previous point, but it is true. Of all you tell them about ‘what do you do in the office’, they understand only one thing – This guy/ girl is the baap/ maa of Wren and Martin and the Godfather/ Godmother of Shakespeare! School applications, request to the administration department of the society, love letters, college projects, sms and everything that needs words will come to you! To an extent it might give you a satisfying feel that people need you; but when the numbers and frequency rise, things become different and boring!

5. You should be able to adjust your level of self respect and should have tremendous control over your anger glands. Guys, know this for sure – no matter how much they say, Content is King; a writer/ editor is never the most privileged one in most of the organisations. That phrase sounds good and helps the morale- that’s why it is used, that is it! The preference only goes to the teams/ people who are earning the organisation the bucks. Your contribution is indirect and you are not Salman Rushdie.

…. Like I said, all these have come up from my experience and understanding. And I know, a fellow writer/ editor will have his/ her share of reasons to warn the kids in the family against taking up a writing job.

Nevertheless, I am still continuing in this profession and I am sure, many more realizations like this will keep on enriching me. So stay tuned…

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