Had music and poetry been a couple, their kid’s name would have been Bob Dylan. Many might have different takes on it; but being a Dylanhead, I would love to think and feel in this line.

Scores have been written about Dylan, his poetry and his music; so I am not going to repeat the same. But as it is his 71st birthday today, I believe he commands more than a Facebook post from one of his millions of admirers.

Shillong is just a few hours’ drive from my home town in Assam, but unfortunately I have never been a part of the annual Bob Dylan birthday celebrations organized by local singer Lou Majaw.

Like many, my introduction to Bob Dylan was also through ‘Blowing In The Wind’ – a song that can be made the anthem for all humanitarian causes under the sun. I keep wondering what Dylan was feeling like when he penned lines like “How many deaths will it take till he knows that too many people have died?”….

His music always brings a quiet stability to my mind and one line that never leaves me is from the song Mr. Tambourine Man – “Let me forget about today until tomorrow”. How can a man say that…it should be the words of a god in some sacred text!

Fellow Dylanheads will know the feel and steel of a typical Dylan ballad – soothing yet revolutionary (Times They Are A Changing), Rebellious yet home-bound (I Was Young When I Left Home). But the striking feature of his poetry is the rare combination of the subjective and the objective. He will address the whole world and you will feel like receiving a hand written letter from this balladeer. And don’t get surprised if your neighbour, colleague and even a stranger is also beaming in the bliss of something surreal. Hold a mirror; you will see the same glow!

Thanks for holding the pen and the guitar, sir.

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