My faith in India being a democracy found itself standing on a shaky ground of late. The petty reasons for this were – curbing of freedom of speech (barring Salman Rushdie from the Jaipur Literary Fest, arrest of some cartoonists, talks of banning social media and so on), the cash-for-vote episode, some freak judgments and what not!

However, talking of freedom of speech, it is interesting to note that, some people in our country are given the absolute authority to shoot their mouths and throw up trash. To name a few of these, Rakhi Sawant, Poonam Pandey, Sunny Leone, Sonam Kapoor, Kaamal Rashid Khan and a few more. And nobody dare point a finger at them…don’t know why! May be they are so cheap that they sell like hot cakes…and who buy them? The citizen of world’s largest democracy! Bravo!

Nevertheless, my depression of living in a pseudo democracy started fading out when I was able to realize a hidden fact.

First let’s go to the most celebrated and highest quoted definition of democracy given by the great Abraham Lincoln – of the people, by the people, for the people.

And in India, it is true to every word! All the rules, regulations, laws, code of conduct, tax, price hike, and inflation – in short, everything that has a bearing to the nation’s core is meant for the common man. The high and the mighty are exempted from these and living in a democracy, an aam aadmi like me should feel privileged and rejoice!

Look at our national history (rather calamities), there are very few occasions when a powerful name came under the lambe haath of kanoon. Almost each and every big fish became bigger and assumed the form of a shark whenever the blindfolded lady clenched her fists at them.

Some people escape after mass murders, cheating the people of crores of rupees and some are even unnecessarily hassled for jumping a traffic light! But, one should understand the fact that, the later with a helpless face and no big names to sell is the real citizen of this democracy and the formers are nothing, who are they? – They don’t even qualify to live in a democracy, bloody privileged!

To live successfully in my country, you have to be someone who is paying income tax on his/ her hard earned money, should have no black money to twist the system in favour of you, who gets scared when stopped by the traffic cops even though all the documents are in place and most importantly, you must have a baap whose name is not heard by anyone (‘pata hai mera baap kaun hai’- should be the national tag line for shakti pradarshan)!

Said so, nothing can take away my satisfaction of being a true citizen of India with all the aforementioned criteria in place! ‘Kabhi kabhi aam hona bhi khas hota hai’ – wah wah!

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